DJ Hans

DJ Hans is well known from his 10 years exclusive residency @ Pré Soirée (Café Local Antwerp), "Seven2one" afterworkparties @ Den Eyck (Kasterlee) & Oever Super Single Nights (different locations in the north of Antwerp), where he always proves his ability to create an amazing atmosphere, no matter what the crowd is like!

DJ Carlo

Bekend als huis-DJ van Snowtravel.  Bij het seven2one-publiek in de gratie gevallen na een meer dan geslaagde après-ski editie.

DJ Milano

Milano started developing his dj skills by purchasing cd's on his 14th. It didn't took so long before he bought his own dj booth @ home. His family knew immediately that he wanted to go further.

A few years later he could show his skills @ a cafe in Antwerp. Got 2 know people and off he goes. Later on he got some guest sets @ local party's and clubs.

Genres: commercial dance, latin-house, club, R&B, reggeaton, retro, 80's-90's ... tot zelfs een foute party...

residencies: Hessenhuis Antwerp, Factory's Herenthout, Place 2B, Thijs Herentals
guest dj @ Noxx, La Rocca, Carré, Sunrise Festival, Reflex, RGR, The Room Herent, Paradise Antwerp, Felix Lier, Bar Six & many more

shared decks with: Mark with a K, Dj Frank, Kraantje Pappie, Robert Abigail, Gregor Salto, Stijn VM, Quintino, Kenneth G, Dj Rebel, DJ Wout, Bart Smolders, ENO, Makasi, Moonflower, Nightlife dj's, Lowriderz, Double Pleassure, Dave D, Lethal MG, Deviant, DJ Alain Dierick, Tom Van Dyck, Dimitri Wouters, Guy'do, DJ Vinny, Mike Deluxe, El Pablo, DJ Freeee, Drave Brown & many more...